Monday, 21 January 2019
Learners Perspective Study - News
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Continuing the LPS Book Series

The results of the Learner's Perspective Study are available in a book series available through Sense Publishers. The first four volumes are:

  • Mathematics Classrooms in Twelve Countries: The Insider's Perspective - edited by D.J. Clarke, C. Keitel, & Y. Shimizu.
  • Making Connections: Comparing Mathematics Classrooms Around the World - edited by D.J. Clarke, J. Emanuelsson, E. Jablonka, & I.A.C. Mok.
  • Mathematical Tasks in Classrooms Around the World - edited by Y. Shimizu, B. Kaur, R. Huang & D.J. Clarke.
  • Student Voice in Mathematics Classroom Around the World - edited by B. Kaur, G. Anthony, M. Ohtani & D. J. Clarke.



The next three volumes in the LPS Research Series are in preparation.

Recent Events
LPS Team Meetings

In 2012, the LPS Team Meeting was held in Seoul, Korea, on July 16, immediately following the ICME11 conference, at Seoul National University. The meeting was attended by LPS team members from Australia, China (Beijing and Hong Kong), Japan, Korea and Singapore. A second LPS team meeting was held on July 19 at the PME conference in Taipei. This meeting was attended by LPS team members from Australia, the Czech Republic, China (Hong Kong), Japan, New Zealand and Singapore. It is clear that LPS team members do not all attend the same conference and more than one team meeting must be held each year, in order to provide the maximum number of team members with a chance to discuss issues relevant to the LPS community. In 2013, LPS team meetings will be held at both the PME and EARLI conferences - dates and arrangements to be announced.

The Alignment Project


The Alignment Project has been initiated at Melbourne to expand the study of classroom practice to include curricular, assessment and organisational influences. Interest was expressed by several members of the LPS community in joining the Alignment Project. Data are already being collected in Australia, China, Finland and Israel. A meeting was held to discuss possible additional collaborations. Expressions of interest have been received from the Czech Republic, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. The collaborative model will be similar to LPS and partners are seeking funding to support their participation.

Third International Handbook on Mathematics Education

The Third International Handbook on Mathematics Education (ed. Clements et al.) has just been published and the Learner's Perspective Study featured prominently throughout the Handbook. Anyone interested in the LPS community and its activities over the past decade can find both insider and outsider accounts in the Handbook.